‎"Nanyang Romantic"

Monday, December 13, 2010
"Nanyang Romantic"
- A Crossover project by Dweey x Chum, Featuring Malaysia 4 Female Visual Artists : Wonderkitten | Pocotee | Kelseyz | Bilarobot

Handpaint dweey + Illustration on Canvas by Wonderkitten

Illustration created base on the theme Nanyang Romantic.
For wonderkitten, Fat and round cat represent complete and full of love..

Handpainted dweey by wonderkitten

The illustration and painted Dweey by 4 artist display in Chum market store, Shaw Parade

Yeah, It is for sale. If you are interested,please get it at Chum market, Shaw Parade.

Nanyang Romantic : Chum X Dweey
Artist: Wonderkitten
Selling Price: RM 288 (Framed illustration + 1 wonderkitten Dweey)

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