Thanks Shortcake

Friday, July 17, 2009
Hi. :)
No new work to be post by now. I am rushing for some design and illustration jobs in hand... (hey that's mean i am getting income okie? you should feel happy for that. hoho)

I'm happy to read a review from a buyer (Thanks Shortcake:)) and she's blogging about Wonderkitten t-shirt that she bought during the Pipit Wonderful Market in Times Square.
credit from Shortcaketales

This tee is by Wonderkitten and the strange comic characters skewed to the right of the shirt actually tells a story of them 'leaving' the tee for a newer one. Bizarre brilliance.

You would imagine that a local independent online designer shirt may not be so happening ... you would be happy to be wrong, the quality was great and it even came with a nice pouch. Even the size label was pretty premium looking. The only exception was that the sizes were pretty strange, I wear an MNG / Esprit SMALL but I wear a Wonderkitten LARGE, so if you want to order a Wonderkitten online, take note of this. Oh I just love the round 'blob' which is the silhoutte of the cat which is actually the logo. To bad no tee in that design. I would love to have Wonderkitten makeup pouch, key chains, phone pouch .... that would be cute!

What i wana say about the cutting.. Haha I will take note on this.
Wonderkitten tees are all custommade to make it unique. Wonderkitten girl tee's cutting are actually cutting from an Australian clothing brand but shorter length.

Shortcake, The silhoutte of the cat (Wonderkitten Logo) is actually one of my fat cat with strong personaliy. I will post up his photo soon. Thank you again~

Wonderful Market2

Friday, July 3, 2009
Wonderkitten is at the Wonderful Market-2 now!!!

Location: Times Square 7th floor
Time: 11.00 am - 8.00pm (Saturday 4th July 2009)
Product for sale: 2nd edition t-shirt (4 designs), Illustration print, stickers.