You can get wonderkitten stuff from SS2 & Subang now ^^

Thursday, December 30, 2010
All this while i am only selling wonderkitten stuff (tee, bag, card...etc) online and art market when there is a good one. This year onward, you can get wonderkitten stuff from these real Unique stores!
Pipit Zakka Store located in SS2, PJ
(The white double storey house opposite Poh Kong & Sony-1st floor)

18, Jalan SS2/55,47300,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Unique stuff that you can't get anywhere else.
Wonderkitten new tota bag is in the store~
Wonderkitten tee is also selling here! There is a very comfort & cosy corner in the store. I LOVE PIPIT ZAKKA STORE!
The Miif Plus Store located in Subang
Art + Love + handmade + Lifestyle

Cosy fitting room~~
Limited edition wonderkitten tees are in the store now!

‎"Nanyang Romantic"

Monday, December 13, 2010
"Nanyang Romantic"
- A Crossover project by Dweey x Chum, Featuring Malaysia 4 Female Visual Artists : Wonderkitten | Pocotee | Kelseyz | Bilarobot

Handpaint dweey + Illustration on Canvas by Wonderkitten

Illustration created base on the theme Nanyang Romantic.
For wonderkitten, Fat and round cat represent complete and full of love..

Handpainted dweey by wonderkitten

The illustration and painted Dweey by 4 artist display in Chum market store, Shaw Parade

Yeah, It is for sale. If you are interested,please get it at Chum market, Shaw Parade.

Nanyang Romantic : Chum X Dweey
Artist: Wonderkitten
Selling Price: RM 288 (Framed illustration + 1 wonderkitten Dweey)

Pipit Zakka store-buy handmade and designer stuff here at ss2 now~

Thursday, December 9, 2010
Finally, Pipit has decided to open a real store for the handmade and designer stuff lover.

Pipit Zakka Store

-Zakka (from the Japanese 'zak-ka'(雑貨)or 'many things')
-Zakka can also be contemporary handicraft.
-Zakka has also been described as "the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane".
-also touches issues of self-expression and spirituality.
-"Cute, corny and kitschy is not enough. To qualify as a zakka, a product must be attractive, sensitive, and laden with subtext."

Okie, I reckon everyone know what is Pipit store about lah.
Pre-opening on the
11th DECEMBER 2010 (saturday)
From 9am - 6pm

18, Jalan SS2/55,47300,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
* Double storey houses opposite Poh Kong and sony shop

You can find wonderkitten stuff in Pipit zakka store now!

Hey Pipit Zakka store open everyday now except Sunday and Monday hor. BUY HANDMADE EVERYDAY!!