Stop ruining our home

Thursday, March 5, 2009
Stop ruining our home

Submission for "Become" -Be an Eco person like me
Illustration for recycle bag(black)

About Wonderkitten

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wonderkitten was founded by Lois Loo (29y) in 2006. Lois Loo is a Malaysia base freelance illustrator, & graphic designer.
It took few years of multimedia design diploma course and designer office job before she figured out what she really likes.

Every illustration tells a story or a thought. She is keen to show the positive attitude and refreshing way through her work. Applying illustration on t-shirt is the easiest way to bring the work to the public.

The 1st edition tee “friend” was printed in 2007.
The second edition "Taste Of Life"( 4 designs) was launched in beginning of 2009.
The third edition polo tee has been printed for the purpose of Wonderkitten 3rd Anniversary.
The 4th edition tee "Earth & heart" (2 designs) is launching in Nov 2010.
Besides her design, Wonderkitten has done illustration/design job for books, t-shirts, kid poems, restaurant wallpapers, canvas prints, music band, as well as corporate design.
Wonderkitten is open for any illustration/design job.
T: 012-2474 710


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Monday, March 2, 2009

3.03.2009 mood posting...

I am calm...


Wonderkitten 2nd edition tee is launching

Sunday, March 1, 2009
Wonderkitten 2nd edition tee is ready. It will be launching soon by March 2009.


okie~我朋友都讲啦:讲讲讲。。讲了酱旧。。还没开始卖。。。 人家忙着搬家的事嘛。(我自己有时也觉得是借口啦。。最大的原因其实是我懒啦。。懒去设计,懒去算货。。可是我是真的很忙的喔。。。总之,快的了。)

Wonderkitten first edition tee- Friend

This tee launched 2007 (limited edition 50pcs). few left
Can't we play with something else?
Artwork for K.O Challenge contest
Theme: Cute and Humour

Character design -Wonderkitten X Pipit
Pipit forum crossover project with 45 artist.
Pol.lutofu (Tofu character design)
Submission-- Pol.lutofu.
He loves animal and nature, but he was born in an already chemically polluted world.
The day i dance in a dog's mouth
Wallpaper project for beautiful junk event 2007 (selected)

Gaston Caba X Wonderkitten
Crossover artwork with Argentina artist Gaston Caba (selected by PIPIT Independent Artist group)