Wonderkitten in Wonderful Market4

Monday, May 17, 2010
Wonderkitten in Wonderful Market4

The event has been held successfully. I believe next round Pipit organizer will prepare a bigger space to avoid the congestion. Please continue to support Pipit Wonderful Market!!! ^.^

Thank you so much for showing love on Wonderkitten tee, postcard, keychain/phone string ..etc. Your smile on your face is the most precious thing to keep me continue.

Acrylic painting on canvas
Acrylic painting on cap
Wonderkitten illustration postcard (10 designs)
The latest wonderkitten character creation. I love mask recently, Mask give me the mix feeling of protection, performance & amusement...
Kaven! 謝謝一直以來的支持。不懂為甚麼getting the new one穿在你身上很有感覺

This is my wonderkitten mascot, Wonderkitten logo -Midnight
Yep, there he is, Midnight is sleeping....shhhhhh

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