Wonderkitten in Wonderful Market (Live!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Yesterday was the first time Wonderkitten (Lois) meet the public in person. Irisbaggins was the one who help out all days! THANK YOU!!! MUACK!

This was a great experience. I am so happy to see people smile while look at my illustration. Feel great while they hand me their money and take wonderkitten's product home. This is the best way to know that people appreciate your work. Thank you so much and letting me know the illustration make you smile. (^0^)

Irisbaggins (Dor) the part-time promoter. Free Of Charge!
Wonderkitten and Wonderkitten store!

Illustration Print with adorable frame. (RM10)
Illustration print with photo clip. The front pic sold to another vendor-Benny. THANK YOU!
Wonderkitten hugging the flowers. Thanks Dana for the flower! I love this very very much. You are so sweet~

Thanks to ALL the buyers who brought the tee and print home. If any of you drop by my blog. please leave a msg here or in the chatbox that i newly set up. Is the material cool with you? Is the cutting or size make you feel great? Why do you like the illustration?

Thanks Jerry from Cyberjaya coming all the way so far to get the whole set of tees. (By the way you look cool. haha)


Iris "The Chubby" Baggins said...

FRee worker???......
I'm glad to be there with you oh. Its fun and its fun to see the stuff there too!!!!

bennylita said...

waaaaa Lois, bestnya your blog. waaaaa..my name oso creadit in purchasing your owl version. i love it so much :) my dear...i like both owl and cat tee, if you have bigger size L or XL let me know...so comel la tee tu...auwwwww

dana said...

am glad you like the flowers. just a small gift though. very nice to meet up too. wish you all the best.

wonderkitten said...

Benny: Thank for suka my work. hehe. If i have bigger size i will sure let ypu know k?? The owl and cat tee. Do you mean the first edition tee?

wonderkitten said...

Dana: I'm sure love it. I have display it on my dinning table now. look so lovely. Dor like it too! (yesterday became you and her reunion. haha)

Jerry said...

Wow didn't know my name was in ur blog haha. Great Tshirt btw :p many of my friends asked me where I get them. All the best to you Louis ^^ Let me know if you have any new designs in the future :D

Kiiss said...

Hey. I'm one of the vendor at the market, you probably didnt see me as my booth was so small. :/
Anyway, love your work and would like to get one of your illustration the next time I visit your booth. Not enough time for me last weekend as I need to jaga kedai. :)

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