Threadless sub.2 more days to go

Monday, April 6, 2009
Today i draw something in my own newly set up studio. haven't done yet. So there is no pic to post up today.

Threadless submission "Free your mind" still having 2 more day for the run. So far the comments are very positive. Be frank i am not hoping for winning at all this time. emm..i think i'm hoping for more people to see my work. Threadless submission "free your mind" link


chilicandy said...

don't stress yourself out. I like your art. It's uniquely yours and have a style on its own.
It would be nice if it can be a cartoon strips.. ( it gets popular even faster... )

wonderkitten said...

Hi Chilicandy, I like your nick. Would it be spicy or sweet?

Cartoon strips, This is a good idea. I am in the mist of creating some character in a series. Would apply it in comic strips form. I stil remember making comic when i was around 9y with my sister and lil brother. haha.

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